-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

Zsuzie is Venus' founder and a leader with a vision!

She gained the respect and love of the VENUS Team 
with her positive leadership quality and focus, along with the ability to plan strategically, inspire her team and choose to lead by example!

She is a charismatic leader with integrity, humility, self-awareness, kindness, generosity, respect and gratitude. 
She is a fighter with ideals and moral principles.

    ★•.¸✿¸.•★ ★•.¸✿¸.•★ ★•.¸✿¸.•★ 
    was the first player to level 100
             and later to level 200
          as well as the first player
                to 1.000.000 XP 
               & 10.000.000 XP
                 in LP Universe!

       -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

༻❁༺Historical Data and the Why ༻❁༺

After the first placement of VENUS at the top of the ranking, Zsuzie of TEAM VENUS was inundated with requests to join VENUS, which led her to establish three additional clubs, V2, V3 and V4.

She financed all these clubs and they flourished under her guidance! To achieve this effort and to have faster results, strong players from Original VENUS were used to help them and transferred to these clubs!

However, at some point, the presidents of these 3 clubs, after taking advantage of the famous VENUS brand name and all the privileges generously given to them, decided to break away from TEAM VENUS for their own gain and ambition.

They kept those clubs for themselves, kept some strong players on loan from VENUS®, adopted new names, and severed all ties and communications with VENUS® and the sole owner of all clubs,
Zsuzie of TEAM VENUS.

They defended their act by spreading lies about VENUS and Zsuzie in a burst of ingratitude and lack of ethics towards all those who benefited them.

They fraudulently used Zsuzie's temporary inability to play the game for health reasons, as an excuse to justify their disrespectful and unacceptable actions!

Specifically, the player that Z had crowned as "strategist" of the three V additional clubs, after gaining access to the first Official Website of Original VENUS, she arbitrarily kicked out the original VENUS VP Admins without authorization in order to change freely the website. She then claimed herself as the "Boss and Owner" of all VENUS TEAM Clubs and even had the audacity to put the Sole VENUS Founder, Owner, and Leader, Zsuzie of TEAM VENUS, on the bottom of the official website as a permanent retiree!

Additionally, she
kicked out the Original VENUS VP Admins of FB, without any authorization and also "disappeared" the Official VENUS Facebook page that Zsuzie had created, causing the loss of all the VENUS's historical events and memories!
This action cost 6 whole years of Team History and countless hours of the administrator's personal work, making it completely unacceptable!

To support her Machiavellian plan, she demanded the president of the former V4 to kick out Zsuzie from her Club for being inactive!
However, the president of V4 denounced this action and said that she did it because she was obliged to follow the strategist's orders.

Any Club member, Vice president or President who spoke his mind was automatically deleted from the V chatrooms by the alleged strategist.

Any member who asked for help from her bullying and support from the Original VENUS Presidents was automatically blocked and kicked out of the VENUS TEAM, by the same dictator!

And when the Presidents of Original VENUS took care to bring its unjustly kicked and expelled members back into the ΤΕΑΜ, she accused them of poaching her members!

The climax was when she arbitrarily decided to depose and delete the entire V4 Club from TEAM VENUS, which belonged to Zsusie, with an announcement to the members of V2 and V3, blatantly ignoring the primary Original VENUS!

Understandably, the Original VENUS did not allow this uncharacteristic situation to continue and took a strong stand against all this abuse and dictatorships! 
Any arbitrary and malicious behaviour towards our members has come to an end!

As a historical note, it is worth mentioning that Original VENUS took a clear stand by defending the V4 and keeping it an integral part of Team VENUS. We named it VENUS II.
Thanks to the strategy of the Presidents of Original VENUS and the selfless help of all 
VENUS® members, we raised their standing from twelfth to sixth place in the rankings.
Additionally, we shared our website and showed undivided support and love to them by sending our members to help. 

But the president of the former V4 showed enormous ingratitude and arrogance by suddenly changing the name of the Club as well as an unimaginable lack of ethics by keeping it to herself!
Revealing that she not only kicked Zsuzie out of her own club but also took ownership of it!!!

Instead of handing over the presidency to a vice president and creating a new club that any member could freely join, she chose to exploit the club that was fully and lavishly funded by Zsuzie for her own personal gain!

The members who objected to this action were immediately expelled from the club, while others voluntarily left for moral reasons.

Everyone knows that without Zsuzie and the full support of Original VENUS, none of these clubs would have been able to dominate the top spots on the game's rankings. 
They used VENUS to achieve their hidden ambition of surpassing it!

Zsuzie of TEAM VENUS has made a comeback after being brazenly kicked out of one of her Clubs and belongs to her first creation, as she should, the Original VENUS!

Axiomatical, it was a great relief when VENUS disengaged from all of them due to our conflicting ethical beliefs!!!
They never deserved the name VENUS !!!

We assess that their objective was to seize power and take control of the leadership of the Original VENUS.
However, it seems that their arrogance caused them to overestimate themselves until they came face to face with the unwavering strength and dynamic spirit of original Venusian presidents.
They do not align with our philosophy or the values that we uphold.

-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

We are once again embracing our uniqueness
and expressing our creativity with joy
 and our VENUS way!

The high sense of ethics, values, and principles that all members of Original VENUS possess are what matter the most!
As human beings in this society and this world, we should prioritize these qualities above everything else!
The rest are just numbers.

-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ--ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ--ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

In light of recent events, VENUS believed it was both just and morally imperative to stand by their fellow Venus sisters, who had left segregated clubs as a form of protest due to their unwavering belief in moral principles and values.
This collective effort eventually resulted in the establishment of a real  Sister Club this time, designed to provide a welcoming community for all faithful sisters of VENUS.

This fraternal Club is known as 


The Growing Heart of VENUS


 -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

is the only
-Owner and Leader-
of all of the
  4 Clubs.





Lady Popular Fashion Arena International

4 December 2020
"We will present you lady Zsuzie of VENUS from the INTERNATIONAL version, who is the first lady to ever reach level 100 in Lady Popular!!!"


Lady Popular Fashion Arena International

4 December 2020

 Here is what she told us about the game.

What is the best thing in the game in your opinion?

- I started playing Lady Popular Fashion Arena -1 or 2 years ago

- Club VENUS, having a team of awesome teammates,
 is the best. We laugh, we joke, and we battle together. VENUS is a diverse club with members from around the world, enjoying each other's company while playing
Lady Popular

What do you prefer more – Events or Collections?

- I love both. Some collections excite me more than others, as do certain events, but why choose when we can have both?

If you must describe the game with one word, what would it be?

- It's so hard to find one word to describe it all, There's something for everyone. Being able to play and make friends with players around the world makes the world seem smaller and friendlier, COMMUNITY would be my word of choice.

What is your advice for the rest of the ladies?

- I'd refer to the VENUS motto:
"Enjoy your game your way"

What is your advice for the beginners?

- Always use a pic on your profile, use something that others will notice and associate with you. Add at least a paragraph to your profile page (it can be about anything; it'll tell others something about you). Never send a club application without writing a few lines about yourself. Start with a lower level club grow your character and your po' skills and make some new friends. Find the play style that works for you, then you can move up to more competitive clubs later if you desire.

What makes Lady Popular Fashion Arena special?

- LP has so many different facets. My favorite part has been the Fashion Arena from day one, it appeals to my sense of competition. At times I have gotten carried away, and I have had blisters and calluses on my fingers from clicking that mouse. 2020 has been stressful for a lot of us and LP has given me a place to reset from life's turmoil. Stay healthy and safe.